Mast Motorsports Valvetrain Mast LS3 Rockers with CHE High Performance Trunion
LS3 Rocker Kit, with CHE Trunnion, & Rocker Bolts

LS3 Rocker Kit, with CHE Trunnion, & Rocker Bolts

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Take the guess work out of your Factory OE Rocker kit upgrade.  This kit comes completely ready to install on your engine.  We utilize the made in USA CHE kit, install the kit so you don't have to.  Comes with socket head style rocker bolts.  Works with Most aftermarket cylinder heads.

Magnitude Valvetrain LS3 Factory Rocker housings with installed CHE Upgrade kit.  Finish your Mast Cylinder heads off with this awesome and durable rocker kit.

  • Set of 8 Intake and 8 exhaust rockers
  • CHE Trunnion Upgrade
  • Includes Premium Rocker Bolts
  • Price includes fully assembled rocker arms with premium CHE Trunnions.