About X-Tanium


X-tanium is a product company that focuses on titanium product manufacturing, design, and new process integration.  X-tanium blends traditional titanium manufacturing methods with a wide variety of advanced processing methods. We aim to design and select the best method of manufacturing using: Billet, Forging, Casting, Hybrid cast/forged, or new advanced methods using powder, and metal injection molding (MIM)

Single Part?  No problem, we have 3D printed wax molds and can turn around a titanium part without tooling costs.

Smaller Batches?, with the 3D printed mold technology, we can do small batches, that are still amazingly cost effective compared to billet CNC parts.

Larger QTY's?  We can develop a mold, and or tooling for metal injection molding to accommodate hundreds to thousands of pieces.  You pay for the tool up front, or we can amortize, we're easy to work with.

Material Expense?  Don't worry, our blended approach to raw material can use 100% recycled material or 100% virgin material depending on your cost constraints, and product criteria.

Why use us over the fancy 3D additive technology? We are still vastly more cost effective, using a tried and true manufacturing process.  While 3D additive manufacturing has evolved to reduce cost, the casting and forging industry hasn't been stagnant either.  Having built new technologies to compete, the casting process is now very competitive for lower volumes. 

Casting process?  Yes, we can cast, but we can also do HIP (hot isostatic processing) on the casting process, as well as partial cast and forging hybrid process. Using our material and process, you can reduce scrap, have a net shape, and a beautiful appearance for about the same cost as billet aluminum machining, with the added tensile strength and robustness of titanium.


Blended manufacturing processes allows for the best cost and enhances the performance advantage for your products.  Using virgin titanium and combining with recycled feedstock gives us the ability to provide a unique blend of reduced cost and mechanical properties for your application.  We have access to the largest reserve of recycled titanium in the USA, allowing for a fresh look at titanium at reduced expense over traditional suppliers/methods.


While we have our own line of products, and thrive on innovation for custom and private label products, and can offer in house design, sourcing, and product integration needed for your product line.  From start to finish X-Tanium has the knowledge and history to improve your costs, and increase performance for your products, in any market. 

You can Submit your solid model for us to rapidly quote on your product, we use Solid Works or you can submit an STP, STL, or IGES file as well as a DXF or 2D rendering.

We feature 3D printed wax mold technology and can generally offer quick turn around times with significantly reduced prototype pricing.

For more information contact Jason@MagnitudePerformance.com


Jesse Oliver campaigning an Ultra 4 Off Road Truck 4517 Featuring X-tanium for the 2019 Season.


Casey Gilbert Winner of the 2018 and 2019 King of the Hammers race.