About GripLockTies

GripLockTies are rubber-lined, protective, cushioning cable ties that prevent wire and cable damage. GripLockTies are especially protective in high-vibration and elevated-temperature applications.

You can protect wire insulation and conductors from damage. GripLockTies do not move around and cut wires or scratch off paint on installed surfaces. Enjoy faster installation and lower cost than separate cushioning materials. Let the rubber secure your wires at the precise bundle diameter needed, rather than the crushing force needed with traditional ties.

GripLockTies patented rubber lining prevents the need to over-tighten a zip tie just for a secure fit. Unlock, reseal, and reuse. No more hassle cutting and resealing ties after you forgot to run that last wire. Lock and unlock them until you get that perfect fit! When you are all set you can then flush cut.